COVID - 19 and The Carytown Farmers Market

The Carytown Market has transitioned to a pre-order and limited on-site shopping experience due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Starting May 24, we will open the market with our normal operating hours between 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at City Stadium, 3201 Maplewood Avenue. The first few markets will be set up in the parking lot while The Kickers finish construction inside the stadium
The Carytown Market stresses the preferred option of pre ordering as the most effective way to keep you and our vendors healthy. We have partnered with Lu Lu’s Local food to provide a shopping portal to connect customers and market vendors.
Pre-ordering reduces the person to person point of sale that would typically take place at the market. No cash or cards are changing hands and customers are not browsing through product as it sits out in the open. Customers who are only preordering will be given access to market during the first hour
9:00Am – 10:00 AM Senior citizens and Pre-order pick up only
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Pre-order along with Limited on-site shopping
The market is following a no touch model for customers. Vendors will have tables set up in front of their tents displaying samples of their merchandise. Customers will convey the quantity of the item they wish to purchase and will receive the items from the vendor.
Customers will only be allowed to enter the market at the entrance and leave through the designated exit. There will be a limited number of wagons available to assist customers with transporting purchases to their car.
The Carytown Farmers Market looks forward to providing fresh food to the community while supporting local small farmers and small business owners. Below are some of our regulations and suggestions to maintain safety at market.
Customer Requirements and suggestions
• Maintain social distancing.
• Do not enter tents or touch any merchandise.
• Avoid lingering as much as possible.
• Fabric facemasks are strongly recommended.
• No pets or bicycles are allowed in the market.
• Families are strongly encouraged to leave children at home.
• Sanitizer will be available at the entrance.
• Do not attend if you or a member of your household is ill.
Vendor Requirements:
• Maintain social distancing. Vendors are spaced out at least 8 feet apart and are required to wear a mask and gloves at market.
• Fabric facemasks and gloves to be worn at all times.
• Maintain all food safety processes in collection, transport, and during market hours.
• Hand washing stations will be available for vendors to ensure hygienic handling.
• Do not attend if you or a member of your household is ill. read more...